Business Exhibitions in UAE, May 2023. Register now! (Part 2).

Exhibitions in UAE, May 2023, Part 2

(Second Part of Exhibitions in UAE, May 2023. Here is the first part.)

Seamless Middle East

Seamless Middle East is one of the most sponsored exhibitions out there. With more than 240 sponsors Seamless represents a mega event of Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Fintech, Payments, and more. 15’000 attendees each year; Seamless is a multisourcing event that hosts more than 500 exhibitors and speakers. The exhibition and Conference will take place in the Dubai World Trade Center on the 23rd and 24th of May 2023.

Exhibitions in UAE, May 2023

The conference will host speakers that share with the audience the latest news in the industry. At the conference will be market disruptors presenting payment technologies, retail, fintech, digital marketing, logistics, and E-Commerce.

The exhibition is free to attend and will provide solutions and feature the most innovative start-ups in the region. The exhibition will cover in depth all the topics Seamless stands for. Banking, payments, fintech, retail, e-commerce, identity, cards, home delivery, and digital marketing are the fields that exhibitors will share with the attendees.

Payments, Fintech and Banking

The business of payments has experienced immense growth in the last few years. The world now is orientated to a cashless economy. That means that the ways to pay will evolve into a new period of money exchange, and a period of risks. For 23 years, Seamless has provided an invaluable meeting point for the brightest minds in the region that drive changes across the region.

Fintech has made some revolutionary steps and will go on some of them. According to KPMG, there are six new innovations that will characterize fintech in the next years. 

Exhibitions in UAE, May 2023
Fintech Innovations

First is the number of banks that will offer embedded solutions, it is growing. Banks want to offer services to non-financial institutions such as public and private companies orientated to E-Services. Also, they want to deliver a customer experience in E-Wallet, Embedded Banking, Embedded Investments, etc.

Seeing the risks that came from building and using an online platform, authorities will keep attention on embedded finance offerings. Regulators want to protect customers from account attacks or less effective services by clarifying their terms of service.

Fintechs will be focused to be presented as data organizations and data providers. They want to differentiate themselves from the other actors in the market. 

ESG- focused fintech will continue to grow, with companies in the environmental profile that want to use fintech services.

Geography of the services will be also in focus, with fintech that will expand activities worldwide. 

Unicorn Companies will lose ground in developed markets but still will remain a good option for less mature fintech markets.

Seamless will gather information on all these topics and bring together the most innovative start-ups from across the globe. Seamless Fintech will provide a forum, tackling some of the biggest challenges faced by different places. 

Customers want more innovation from banking. Artificial Intelligence, Application Programming Interfaces, Machine Learning, automation, and Open Banking Technologies are changing the banking landscape. Seamless will expose the attendees to the latest technologies, new ideas, and the best business models present in the exhibition.

Retail and E-Commerce

Online purchasing has changed the retail industry forever, changing the working models and revolutionizing the whole market. Brands evolve, and the market also but the most important for retailers is to keep a good offer of services. Seamless gives businesses the recipe to survive, bringing the latest in digital transformation, data analytics, and in store-technology. 

E-Commerce is a sector that will be expanded beyond every imagination, especially in the Middle East. Geography, demographics, and other inner factors indicate the transformation of businesses in online businesses. Every service is transformed online, even now. The real question is: How much will it be offered only online? Internet is the first premium choice for millions of online buyers. It’s also a place where it can be played with quality, prices, and period of services.

Seeing this perspective, Seamless can be the perfect place to confront attendees’ experience with what exhibitors offer. Seamless gathers different business models and strategies including digital marketing to give a full view to the visitors at the exhibition.

In the exhibition will be discussed about the home delivery journey. Companies have strategies that make them unique in their service. Seamless also presents innovations in this process and speakers inform about new ways of packaging, the fastest way to deliver the product, and the feedback they get from the buyers.

Exhibitions in UAE, May 2023
Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will be part of the topics also. Speakers will light up with insights about the scale of digital transformations in a business and also the capability that each company has to obtain new tactics to be successful.

In-store is a separate section in the platform which gives data about the tactics that lead to retail innovation and create knowledge about the in-store sector. 

Data Analytics is the section in which speakers need to explain clearly the fair use of technology to be ahead of the competition. Also methods of implementing data and analytics in various platforms are an object of discussion that lead to the best solutions for each business. 

Identity and Cards

Online identification is more than necessary considering all the factors we mentioned above. It is not about fraud or e-crime, but also to be strongly and securely positioned in a big community. Otherwise, the brand loses its credibility and becomes less popular. Seamless identity is a marketplace to explore the latest solution to online identity concerns and problems.

In the exhibition global smart card and secure print industry meet with the biggest buyers in the MENA region.

Exhibitions in UAE, May 2023
Digital Marketing

For the ones that sell these services, the industry is changing rapidly and it is becoming more competitive than ever. Offering digital marketing services, a few years ago was less difficult and potentially you can catch all the customers within a specified geographical area. Today is more about personalized service and it is becoming more profitable for marketers in general terms. Generally, yes but wait, exhibitions like Seamless offer practice and solutions in specified situations and be connected with the clients also.

The event will bring each visitor closer to the marketers and brands and will create the base conversations about Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, automation, and big data. It is quite astonishing how big data aggregators shape the industry and at the same time dictate the behavior of small businesses.

Seamless provides absolutely top-ranked speakers from different areas that share not only their experiences but give useful insights that serve the audience for their businesses.


Index events bring together Interior Designers, Hotel Developers, Retailers, Fit-Out Contractors, Retailers, and Fit Out Contractors. The exhibitors have the chance to do business with thousands of buyers thanks to the wider network of attendees. Index connects regional buyers with major suppliers, brands, and manufacturers from countries outside the region.

More than 10’000 visitors will join 250 exhibitors and more than 100 expert speakers during the three days exhibition. The exhibition will happen from 23 to 25 May 2023 at Dubai World Trade Center.

The Middle East remains an attractive market for furniture and interiors, with a growing landscape in several fields. Creative professionals from across the industry come to INDEX every year to be part of a big network of buyers and at the same time do business. 

Index Design Talks

The Index Design Talks, in association with the known brand GEBERIT, has become one of identifying features in recent editions of the Index. By Sharing ideas and experience, interior designers, architects, and creative thinkers want not only to inform but also indicate the business methods of the visitors. The program itself is created in close collaboration with a broad range of industry stakeholders to ensure that its content is valuable to cure the problems affecting the industry.

Design talks bring variety to the debates with new views about the problems that surround the interior market. Not only that but picking the best speakers in their fields means expertise in a wide specter of themes. Design is the focus of the debates to bring solutions that immediately affect the spheres discussed.

Index Exhibition
Index Retail Leadership Forum

Index Retail Leadership Forum represents a critical discussion scene for retailers. The participation of retail buyers is increasing and it is a natural need to produce more knowledge and find the right sources to have the same level of expertise and experience. Retail leaders will find what the consumer wants, the latest in logistics strategy, and procurement techniques. All these elements show the picture of the market and adding expertise produces very interesting speeches. It may look like something usual, but the difference between talks and Leadership Forum is all system discussions nature that produces multiple deductions to help interested groups simultaneously.

Index Exhibition
Why Exhibiting?

The Middle East Market is facing incredible growth. Its actual value is at $80.6 billion, competing with the biggest markets in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. What makes it really unique is the possibility to go even higher. Buyers from across the region are interested in the latest products and designs. For more than 30 years, INDEX has established relations between Designers and sellers.

All business owners during the activity of the exhibition will have the chance to guide their businesses to hundreds of buyers. Buyers already are looking for furniture, lighting, other accessories, and many other products. Most of the visitors want to be part of the exhibition this year and this is a good sign of the importance that the exhibition has about each exhibitor participating for the second or the third time. More than 77% of the visitors are likely to return in 2023 according to the Index Exhibition.

People you’ll meet at the exhibition
Decision MakersTheir Expertise
Interior designers and architects
From designing the buildings and the interior of a building, these experts will give you what you need when you start building from scratch.
Property developers and business owners
Managing tasks and architects, builders, and real estate agents, giving strategies, developing business methods, buying materials, and selling furniture and other products.
Hotel and Restaurant Owners, Developers, and General Managers.
All you need from the tourism sector and the developing strategies and managing big staff, creating complex duties to execute projects.
Find Out Contractors
Everything related to project expertise, managing the construction staff before design, and collaborating with the other managers.
Buying and assembling the goods and finding the best opportunities to sell the consumers the goods they take from the suppliers.
They have the biggest network of businesses among our categories and give information about the movement of products and the approach, selling to different companies.
Business decision makers referring to Index Exhibition

Companies will showcase different products in the exhibition starting from art sector, then outdoor furniture, sleeping furniture, kitchen and bathroom, and other products

Art at Index 

Region’s interest in art has changed and the money that clients spend on art products has increased. It is clear that the demand is higher in this sector and the Middle East is moving from traditional art  to new tendencies.

According to Mei art defines the region’s culture. Index is the best place to display the art of the region. The Exhibition welcomes a range of international, regional, and local artists together with project managers and interior designers.

Combining techniques in drawing and mixing art with interior design, the exhibition will offer a variety of choices to see and explore.

Index Furniture
Outdoor Furniture

This is the perfect chance for designers, architects, contractors, developers, and business owners to source the latest products in outdoor furniture. That is the reason that the visitors want to be part of the Index. They can meet other exhibitors, find solutions and innovations and see many new products.

Index provides for suppliers a big platform to showcase their products. They can meet key buyers that already want to purchase outdoor furniture.


Decorating the sleeping room requires class and experience and it is equally important to be in touch with the right buyers. Procurement professionals, Hotel General Managers, Hotel Managers, Contractors, and Retailers seek the finest brands from across the globe to kit and customize their hotels, resorts, and retail outlets. Sellers showcase products like beds, bedding, and sleep technology.

Kitchen and bathroom

According to Index Exhibition, 40 % of visitors come to souce Kitchen and Bathroom Products. Interested buyers will find at the exhibition the latest products in kitchen and bathroom design, surfaces, products, accessories, systems, and more products to decorate their homes.

Lighting and Decoration

More brands, distributors, and lighting manufacturers join the Index Dubai each year. More than 60% of the visitors come to Index to buy the latest in lighting design and technology. The Middle East Light market will grow to 6.6 billion in 2027 according to The Hotel Show. The categories of buyers mentioned above come to the exhibition eager to buy more and are interested in collaborating with business owners. They find decoration styles, discuss the prices, and win more experience in their fields.

By reaching out to buyers and exhibitors on this platform, you will be able to increase your brand awareness and gain insights into many aspects that can interest you personally and at the corporate level.

Fit-Out services at Index

The GCC and the Middle East offer a package of projects and opportunities for Fit-Out Companies to invest. Index represents a unique opportunity for fit-out companies to showcase their expertise, build solutions in design and architecture. They can be a good source for property developers, property owners, procurement managers, and end users.  Visitors come each year to Index to source the latest in design and fit-out, including a variety of services and products.

Furniture, Furnishings, and Textiles

The furniture market has experienced enormous growth in the last few years and leaving interiors aside, it represents a vital part of the Index Exhibition. The total visitors that are interested in the latest furnishings, textiles, and homeware represent 70% of the exhibition. Suppliers and manufacturers gain direct access to an active buying market in the industry.

Surfaces and Flooring

Timber, Laminate, Vinyl, Bamboo, Cork, and more types of flooring will be displayed in the exhibition. Surface and flooring is a key hub at Index. International suppliers of flooring, wall and ceiling solutions display their products at Index Dubai.

Why Visiting?

Index connects designers, buyers, and architects to products and services. The main reason to visit is to be not only in touch but share ideas and business insights with buyers, business owners, and suppliers. Index is doing that for 30 years in a row.

The Leisure Show

This show is the best platform to meet SPA Operators, Gym Owners, and Hotel Developers all under one roof. Events in the leisure show are the best place to learn, do business, and network. Furthermore, buyers and suppliers can win useful knowledge by interacting responsively. That means taking the best chance to meet and create the first impression. By exhibiting you will have the chance to do business with buyers that want to learn more about the industry.

Buyers want to experience innovations in wellness solutions, spa products, and innovative recreation. This can turn into a very attractive way to do business for the suppliers also, which are interested in finding potential markets.


The wellness industry in the Middle East is prospering. Thousands of tourists come to the region each year searching for wellness hotspots, giving in that way contribute to a big market. The Middle East tourism market is expected to reach US$ 400.71 Billion at the end of 2032, according to Future Market Insights, with a CAGR of 5%.

The Leisure Show is the ideal platform for exhibitors to showcase their products, to buyers who are looking for the latest products, technologies, and solutions. During the three days, all business owners will have the chance to grow their businesses, be in touch with buyers and generate high-quality business leads. 

Who will come to the Exhibition?

Gym Owners and Managers
Inform about the exercise program, build a healthy diet, gym equipment, and gym-tourism connection.
Hotel General Managers and Operators
Staff management, organizing meetings, planning and organizing events, tourism packages, hotel management, operate the property.
Procurement Professionals
Identifying needs for products, creating purchase requests, evaluating and selecting vendors/suppliers, negotiating the terms of the contract with the suppliers, finalise a process order.
Health Club Owners and Spa managers
Spa management, treatments, and program guide.
Categories that will participate in Leisure Show

This is the perfect opportunity for visitors to source the latest products, learn solutions and innovation. Event updates  about spa products, spa services, and innovative recreation

According to The Leisure Show, around 71% of visitors are likely to return this year. So it is a profitable situation for all sides. There is a synergy between the three shows Index, The Hotel Show, and Workspace to create a full specter for the interiors, design, and hospitality community.

The Middle East Wellness Forum

The Middle East Wellness Forum brings together innovators and industry experts to discuss the latest of the exhibition. They share insights into key topics including customization, personalization, and sustainability.

This exhibition represents a real chance to be part of the Hotel Industry in the Middle East. Not only participating but at the same time being involved directly in business relations. The Leisure Show will make it possible for eight hours per day in three days to have more business contacts, more selling opportunities for the exhibitors, more buyers among the visitors, and most important keep businesses on track with innovation.

The Hotel Show Dubai

The Hotel Show Dubai has connected regional buyers with global suppliers in the last 20 years. The event gathers visitors from each country, forming in that way a wonderful opportunity for hospitality professionals to discover new things and do business.

The event will be organized from 23 May to 25 May 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center. The Middle East is one of the most attractive and promising markets worldwide. The Hotel Show Dubai plays an important role in bringing together main regional actors from the hotel industry. Not just meeting and trading, but building an entire business model from these meetings and the information exhibitors and visitors get in the exhibition.

More than 7800 visitors and 230 exhibitors were part of last year’s events and shows. The high number of visitors is due to the interest they show in the products displayed but also in the topics discussed. The Hotel Show Dubai allows buyers to procure 1000s of hospitality products that are displayed by the exhibitors.

The Hotel Show Dubai

This exhibition is the perfect platform to introduce your brand and at the same time boost its visibility in a fast-growing market. The show has been the perfect stage for global suppliers of hospitality products to network and do business. The exhibitors can find exactly what they want in the exhibition meeting with a large number of hotel owners, interior designers, procurement professionals, and much more.


We will not be repetitive about visitors’ benefits and the exhibition. The main thing for the visitors is that they can take all the functions they need in the exhibition but at the same time they can profit from the insights and the information provided at the conferences. They can source the products from the exhibitors or stay in the second line. Their role will not be secondary though, still, they can be protagonists in speaking sections.

The Hotel Show Dubai
The Hospitality Leadership Forum

The Hotel Show Dubai’s Hospitality Leadership Forum is part of each exhibition. It is a good opportunity to share time with industry leaders in the hospitality sector. They came up with the analysis and insights from key topics to light the most discussed aspects of the industry. The forum offers insight into how think tanks build their presentations. How they create, manage, and develop critical elements of their properties, and what are their future plans. All panel discussions will be orientated through audience interaction.

The Food and Beverage Stakeholders Summit

The Food and Beverage industry needs to be conceived differently in the hospitality industry. That’s because the factors and the situations are different. The food and beverage industry has been one of the most fast-paced, market-leading, innovative, and agile building blocks of the hospitality industry.

Restaurants and bars are the pulse of hospitality and are key drivers of revenue, reputation, loyalty, and joy. The F&B Stakeholders Summit brings leading industry experts and practitioners to the same time and place. They will be part of a series of discussions revealing their plans for the future. At the same time sharing insights and giving expertise while answering the questions from the audience.

They will also share their experience with the audience and be involved in topics that the audience produces and has more interest to discuss. 

Hitec Dubai

Hitec Dubai is created by an advisory panel of worldwide hospitality technologists. It allows visitors to practically learn everything about the technology integrated into hospitality. These industry giants will inform about the future of the business. They will share with the public the decisions that made their businesses successful.

The conference will feature presentations, discussions, demonstrations, and questions about the case studies and lessons shared in the conference. Experts will root in the latest technology implementations and innovations to help the audience understand the industry. It can be as helpful with the competition as well, giving insights that are valuable to be the first in the race.

The hospitality will be further connected with technology opening new chapters and offering new solutions for the tourists. Today is more about creating a broad and connected technological system including all the tech points. Major businesses have understood the importance of the new technology and are implementing them in their enterprises.

For businesses that want to showcase the technologies in the exhibition, it is the ideal time to do it for many reasons. The first and most important is that you can meet qualified buyers that are interested in your products. Buyers in Hitec Dubai have an interest in the latest guest-facing and back-end smart systems, security software, e-commerce platforms, and more.

The Hospitality Engineers Middle East Annual Conference

Smart engineering and maintenance operations are the roots of all good hotels. Operations control the percentage of operating budgets and apply a huge influence on their property running. The Hotel Show Dubai welcomes a unique conference in the Middle East. The Conference represents an association of hotel and hospitality engineers that want to regulate professional standards, give expertise, and at the same time build alliances. 

This one-day meeting will serve for the engineers to network and learn from the technical staff of different corporations in the regions. A series of short discussions and debates will be focused on key technical choices, management, communication, and career advancement techniques. Engineering in this area has its own specifications and it is very important to find the right themes to discuss and to serve the public needs.

UAE Professional Housekeepers Group Meeting

The Hotel Show Dubai is also the place of the UAE Professional Housekeepers Group Meeting, gathering together regional housekeeping professionals. Leaders in housekeeping, experts, and practitioners will hold discussions and tutorials for all aspects of the profession.

 Visitors will receive advice and methods on how to maintain properties in the best shape possible. New technologies, new techniques, regulations, and products will be the main point of the discussion while mixing the strategies to be competitive in this field.

Also, guests will give insights about their behavior on perception and accommodation that fulfills their needs.

The Chefs’ Table

The Chefs’ Table will be back for its fifth edition at the Hotel Show Dubai 2023. This is a competition between the chefs and teams coming from different countries. Nine culinary teams from the leading hotels in the region will compete during the three-day show to cook the best meal. The winning team will get the title “Hotel Culinary Team of the Year”. The Emirates Culinary Guild will organize an event that will produce delicious and excellent plates for the guests.

The Chefs’ Table at the same time will be the only cooking source and meal server for VIP guests to enjoy the cuisine in the exhibition.

Artist avenue

Artist avenue is the place where international and local artists expose their brilliance and the finest works in a gallery in the exhibition. This gallery is open to all visitors and it is something extra to be enjoyed. The fact that the vent is split from the exhibition gives the artists extra responsibility to imperfect their pictures.

A walk to the art exposition is an awesome experience for visitors and art lovers.


Workspace is clearly for working professionals, Commercial Real Estate Stakeholders, CTO’, HR, and Office Managers. For 20 years the event has provided space for the region’s key buyers to meet manufacturers. Not only that but finding smart office technology solutions, creating fit-out and design concepts and corporate wellness solutions are opportunities for the attendees.

The Workspace will happen between 23 and 25 May 2023 at the end of the month, together with Index, The Hotel Show, and The Leisure Show. The place is available for visitors and exhibitors starting from 10:00 until 18:00 at dinner.

Workspace Exhibition
Why Exhibiting?

Have you noticed any strange office that does fancy freelancing or well-being working place in a big company? These facilities are in intense development. Employees need more comfort in their workplace. According to Khaleej Times, more firms are now looking to adopt hybrid work models, due to advancements in technology and innovative new ways of work that best suit their organization’s needs.

Workspace Exhibition is at the forefront of these changes and represents a platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to meet and do business with the visitors that are potential buyers. During the three days, each exhibitor will have the chance to create high-quality business leads in the Middle East. They also boost their business in a physical free directory that is keen on interacting with them but also gives feedback for their activity and their business.

Workspace Dubai
Why Visiting?

This is the perfect place of visitors to source products, meet new people and leave the exhibition with practical insights that are valuable for business or working place.

Learn about the latest innovations, news, and what the employees want for their careers. It is equally practical to be informed about the problems that concern colleagues in order to fix yours. This event helps you keep up-to-date on the latest news on office design, technology and the evolvement of the worker.

Visiting WorkSpace will improve your knowledge and will equip you with the experience you need to face office challenges and be prepared for the changes in your working place. Events you will find at Workspace are Workspace Wellbeing, Workspace Technology, and Office Interiors.


Participating in the exhibition is a rare experience that completes individuals and businesses. It makes it possible to make the quality step in the industry that they are currently working in.

Though you must be prepared to participate in the exhibition. In this post, you will find the links in the titles of each exhibition to complete the registration form. Furthermore, Square Marketing can do the registration for you, and take care of the rest of the registration steps.

We can do the design of your brand starting from the exhibition space, the design of your logo, and we can create your business brochure. 

Square Marketing can design your space in the exhibition. Also, we can take care of your appointments in the exhibitions but also keep new contacts after the exhibition. Thanks to social media marketing strategies you can find new contacts in the Middle East and profit from the collaboration.

We can even cover your need for contacts in your business area, targeting campaigns to get more business leads in the area you are interested in. 

If you want to grow your business with Square Marketing, please contact us. You must register for the exhibitions because it simply makes your business better. It is time to give it a try and boost your contacts in a market that is evolving and is now speaking, one of the biggest markets in the world.

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